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Roof Painting Brisbane

Roof restorations are an easy, quick and affordable way to give your home that much needed facelift! You can also expect many benefits such as increased property value. If you’ve been looking online for terms like “Roof Restoration Brisbane” then talk with Array Of Colour today because we provide high quality workmanship at competitive prices!

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Why Choose Array Of Colour For Your Roof Painting Service?

No matter what you need your roof for, we’ve got a solution that will work. Our team takes time to properly prepare each site so there aren’t any issues during the roof painting process – which means less headaches down the line for all parties involved because you know exactly where things stand from day one.

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We’ve earned our reputation as QLD’s #1 Residential Painting Expert by using nothing but the best paints and holding ourselves to consistent, high quality workmanship.

House Roof Painting: How Array of Colour Can Help!

With a detailed understanding of what it takes to restore roofs, Array Of Colour has developed an extensive process that ensures high-quality results. From start to finish we are committed to every step and every detail because nothing is worse than hiring someone who doesn’t care about your home or its contents. Array of Colour’s quality control measures ensure you’ll get only professional looking roof painting services at competitive prices.

#1 Fix existing damage

The first step of any Brisbane roof restoration is repairing damage. The best quality finish can only happen when your house has an intact, watertight surface that doesn’t leak due to broken down sealed joins or bad repairs! It’s important these fixes are conducted well because later steps depend on them being done correctly-don’t let this opportunity go by without taking care of your roof’s needs.

#2 Clean the surface of the roof

We like to prepare your roof for a new coating of paint and protective layers by pressure cleaning it. This step is important, as we remove built up grime that can affect how well the next coat sticks on; plus with our high intensity cleaner water pressures of at least 3000psi (pounds per square inch), no mould or mildew will be left behind! As such: you’ll have an impeccably clean surface ready when it’s time around again to show off those stunning colours from every angle imaginable.

#3 Paint the roof!

We take pride in our ability to care for your roof. Our first layer is with a primer or sealer that primes each section before applying two coats (depending) of membrane material according personal preference along with masking off walls where necessary during painting process – this ensures no overspray occurs at all! At completion you’ll have an impeccable finish without worry since you will know how much effort went into making sure everything remains pristine.

Roof Painting Sunshine Coast

Array Of Colour is not only a leading roof painting service in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, but also on the Sunshine Coast. We service all areas of the Sunshine Coast, from Noosa to Caloundra, and everywhere in between. No matter where you are located, we can come to you and transform your roof with our expert roof painting service. Contact us today for a free quote and consultation, and let us show you why we are the best choice for roof painting on the Sunshine Coast.

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Are you looking for a painter that you can count on to relieve the burden of planning your roof painting job? Don’t waste your time chasing up painters for quotes. We are reliable and fast, right from your first phone call, through to the completion of your job and the warranty we provide after completing the painting work on your property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the answers to your questions about Roof Restoration in Brisbane.

Brisbane roof repairs and restorations can vary in size, but usually roof painting costs between $2500-$8000. This price covers all aspects of your project – including the roof paint and expert workmanship from leaders in their industry! If you would like a more specific figure then contact our roof painters who offer free site visits as well as quotes for most cases (even if you’re not on-site).

Roof restorations can be time-consuming, but it will largely depend upon the size and extent of what you need done. Restoration from Array Of Colour is typically two days for smaller jobs or four if the job is larger or more complicated. Commercial sites will require an expert to attend and give an accurate estimate of time, product and procedure.

You can have your home’s exterior painted in a colour of choice with our range including 70+ shades from the trusted brands such as Dulux and Shield Coat. We offer you more than just paint too; we give advice on which type is best suited for any weather conditions so that it looks great year-round!

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